Avenge | Book 2

Avenge | Book 2

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Avenge | Book 2

Book 1: Avenge | Book 1


Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S
Location: New Mexico
Third Person POV...

"Tesseract's energy spiking!" A SHIELD scientist announces.

"You said that this morning." Dr. Erik Selvig points out. "What the hell is going on with it?"

"We don't know, the tests show that it just turned on itself." She responds. "Its giving off low levels of gamma radiation. Nothing that harmful."

Selvig nods and walks back to his station, seeing if the energy levels go up anymore. And they do. But before Selvig could even utter a word a beam comes out of the tesseract. 

The beam is much like the Biofrost bridge; Too bright and blue. 

It caused a slight shake to the structure but not enough to make the building cave it on itself, though.

Once the tesseract dies down, the energy levels become stable quickly along with the tesseract itself. But there is something left behind from the outburst.

A person to be more exact.

As everyone gets a better look at the figure, they notice the dirty, ripped dark red peacoat with some buttons torn off, smudge-y black leggings, long dirty blonde hair, brown leather combat boots, and finally what she has in her hands that are hanging at her sides.

Two M1942 Pistols, also know as the FP-45 or Liberators from the 1940's.


I don't own any of the Marvel characters or Marvel, in general. I am merely a fan.

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wowjeena wowjeena Jan 11, 2016
Oh god please update quickly!! This is so good so far!! I loved the first one.
SarcasticJustice SarcasticJustice Jan 06, 2016
Same when I was reading I was like oh my god its getting so good then the chapter ended and I was like nooooo