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Paper Money {luke hemmings}

Paper Money {luke hemmings}

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여왕 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ By alphabetboys Updated Feb 05

In which a town full of wealth and glitz somehow makes room for two valedictorian rivals who fall for each other.

As Ellette Caldwell finds herself conflicted with her feelings for the (pretentious and arrogant) boy named Luke Hemmings, she discovers that every time something happens between them, she's one step further away from him. It doesn't even get better when she realizes that his parents are desperate to set him up with the heiress of a successful hotel franchise. Materialistic people in one rich town, remember?

DANOSAUR_2703 DANOSAUR_2703 Sep 03, 2016
I'm Hispanic, but it still makes me happy there Is finally a different type of girl in a Fanfic❤
mvltifreak mvltifreak Aug 02, 2016
this is legit my friend irl because she knows i'm in love with luke lmao
cluelessaly cluelessaly May 16, 2016
finally an asian. I mean I'm laos and thai. but still an asian woooooo!!!!!!
mvltifreak mvltifreak Aug 02, 2016
i can only think of tristan mclean from heroes of olympus what is wrong with me
mings_hemx mings_hemx May 08, 2016
Tbh I added this in my library but forgot about it until I read the chapter title and was like 'TROYEEEE' so read it hehe sorrynotsorry
DANOSAUR_2703 DANOSAUR_2703 Sep 03, 2016
Try 4'10" in a school full of tall ass people (I'm in middle school)