Mute.. {A Nalu Fanfic}

Mute.. {A Nalu Fanfic}

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No one has heard her voice, except her best friend , Levy McGarden,since her parents both died in a car accident ,she has never talked to anyone , it would be really rare to hear her say ONE word...until, a particular salmon colored haired guy catches her singing to herself at the roof top in school...

-Will Lucy stay mute?
-What will 'Mr. Popular ' do after he has heard her voice?
-Will they at LEAST become friends...or even more than that?


kjwmusic kjwmusic Aug 21, 2016
My name is Kayla.. I NOW LIVE FOR THIS BOOK!! I hope it's good!!
3GalaxyGirl3 3GalaxyGirl3 Nov 02, 2016
*Screams with the fangirls* *faints but meliodas catches me*
Dream_Loves_Comedy Dream_Loves_Comedy Aug 10, 2016
same here lucy, i was mute too when i was in gradeschool, well not THAT mute, because i talk if i have too.
Fairytail-online101 Fairytail-online101 Oct 18, 2016
Eeeeeeekkkk I'm literally fangirling right now I can't stop squealing
noor357 noor357 Sep 25, 2016
Natsu smiles are just 💖💖💖💖 I can't stop clicking on the gif!
*hive fives ink*
                              Error: *gives 40 g* 
                              Me: told you he would save her in the first chapter!
                              Ink: Yep!
                              Error: *reboots*
                              Me and ink: Broke him....