Colin Kaepernick's Maid

Colin Kaepernick's Maid

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He has all the riches a person could possibly want, and definitely all the smarts. From a young age he had big dreams as to who he would become and how he would achieve that. Most people believed he would only crash and fall, after all, he was just a small town kid. But years later, he was sitting in his million dollar mansion comfortably and laughing at those same people who were hoping for his failure. His hard work and dedication had paid off, and his company was a success.

His name: Colin Rand Kaepernick. 

Most people found Colin unapproachable due to his cold demeanor, which is why they would shrink at the sight of him. He was 6'4" and 230 pounds of pure muscle with a chest filled with black tattoos. Those who knew him often avoided looking into his cutting eyes. 

Suvehra (suh-veh-ra). A young woman who finds herself in an uncomfortable situation, but tries to make the best of it. Her and Colin Kaepernick have one thing in common- their ambition. That's it. Other than that, they are polar opposites. Suvehra is caring, and compassionate. She isn't the tallest woman, but her dark brown wavy hair frames her face perfectly. When she enters the room, people turn around to see the beauty they laid their eyes on. 

Now, we have to see what happens when these two cross paths. What's the truth behind their story?

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jasschaffer jasschaffer Jan 10, 2016
His book attitude is very sketch, but his real attitude is to die for. Omg he's just. I can't even explain. ♥️♥️♥️
toDreamtoLive toDreamtoLive Dec 28, 2015
Looks like Colin has a dark past and his own worst enemy then the girl (forgotten how to spell it) will sort him out!
Readzalot1 Readzalot1 Dec 10, 2015
Ugh the beard...Lol.  I think he knows her somehow and that tip was probably payment on the future as my brother would say...LMAO
AarealeLittle AarealeLittle Dec 10, 2015
Oooo that's a big nice tip he gave her and his attitude gotta fly south for the winter but don't come back
Nenerh1 Nenerh1 Dec 09, 2015
Again with the beard...haha! I pictured him but how he used too look like before he met "It"! That was a nice tip he gave her!
Charmony Charmony Dec 09, 2015
I'm liking the way this is going, write some more please😁