Bonbon x Bonnie One Chance FNAF

Bonbon x Bonnie One Chance FNAF

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Aly By TheOtakuBunny Updated Oct 12

This is a Bonbon x Bonnie story as you can probably tell from the title. Anyway this will also have some of my favorite ships in this.

Chica x Goldie
ChiChi/Toy Chica x Fred/Toy Freddy
Mangle x Foxy
Mary/female Marionette x Freddy
Bonbon/female Toy Bonnie x Bonnie
BB x Cuppy/The cupcake

The Toys end up meeting with the withered Animitronics and they don't start out to good. Bonnie and Bonbon develop feelings for each other. They try to hide it for as long as they can until one day they get caught. Fred won't let Bonnie see Bonbon again. Will Bonnie and Bonbon get to be together again or will they give up and move on.

Mangle and Foxy are the only ones that seem to be in the "Not Crazy" zone
My little brother likes Toy FREDDY
                              I like Toy Bonnie
                              SO WHOS OLDER NOW!
"You'll never replace me"
                              "Sorry sweetheart I already did"
Mangle and Foxy: geez. Why do they have to fight? 😑
                              Everyone else: 😡