Narcotic (Peterick au) [completed]

Narcotic (Peterick au) [completed]

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Patrick is a boy that is constantly bullied at his high school, he has no friends (except for Joe who's just a work friend) and he's lonely. 

Pete is a drug addict, surrounded by shitty people, and who think's he's pretty shitty too. He doesn't think Patrick is shitty though. 

tw// self harm, mentions of suicide, drug use, mentions of eating disorders.


  • boy
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  • patrick
  • pete
  • peterick
  • stump
  • wentz
1- you don't 
                              2- same
                              3- don't do it on your wrist, its too obvious
A. Pete Wentz
                              B. Ryan Ross 2008
                              C. Frank Iero
                              D. Gerard Way 2007