I Hired An Alpha To Take My Virginity (Book One of the Shifter Series)

I Hired An Alpha To Take My Virginity (Book One of the Shifter Series)

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"We may seem different. But when we're together, everything is the same. We are the same. After all, you are my mate."              

Georgia (Georgie) Marshall is a nineteen year old virgin, seeking for her precious V card to be taken away. However, she's realized that it isn't going to be as easy as she thinks. So, when the idea of hiring someone to do the job pops up in her head, Georgie isn't going to stop at any level. Little does she know, the man who is there to take her virginity is someone who is going to be there for a very long time. And he has his own problems.               

Enter Hale Evans, a well known Alpha in the shifter world. And also, Georgie's hired man. A couple of years before the two met, Hale striked a deal with millionaire/Alpha/business man John Valentine. Now that Hale has called their deal off, John wants a little more than his money back.               

Let's just say that Georgia has gotten herself onto one heck of a rollercoaster. 

Mild sexual content at beginning--do not read if you're under the age of 13

RuthGildo RuthGildo Sep 03
Easy for this you will need for the ingredients water and if your feeling a bit wild add more water, now get a pot place it on the stove, turn the stove on then add water, leave it to boil come back in about 15 to 20 minutes, and there you have it Masterchef style burnt water
janetjk2003 janetjk2003 Jul 04
I know how to appreciate  fine male specimen when I see them. Dammmmm 😍😍
Reminds me of when ray j (the singer) was trying to find love and one of the girls got wasted threw up and ended up kissing him after butbhe didnt know she did it was funny
Sour_n_sweet Sour_n_sweet Sep 26, 2015
Though I think I had all the plot already figured, from chapter 2 -.-
                              Now that I actually think about it, it would be great if I really got all of the book in one go. But no one is that lucky.
Sour_n_sweet Sour_n_sweet Sep 26, 2015
I knew it. He's a whore and she's the one feeling guilty all the time. That's not ok, at all :(
kls_girl kls_girl Jul 28, 2015
It makes the book so much better when there are hot guys involved