Oh, Dan

Oh, Dan

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I held his hand, and all I could say was "Oh, Dan..". I hugged him tightly. He cried into my shoulder just like he did when we first met. I was patting his hair, trying to calm him down. I told him that it was okay and, that I didn't judge him at all.

"I'm sorry." he cried.

"Shhhh, bear, it's okay." I whispered.


The one where Dan is a really sad pastel boy, and Phil is the punk who decided to help him.

all the tw are at the beggining of every chapter 

also: there is some typos and i dont use grammar correctly quite a few times, because english is my third language and i dont know all of the words, so like please keep that in mind im sorry

cover by the lovely @withfoffantasy

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Butterboye Butterboye Oct 15
I don’t like my stepdad so when he works late I’m like “HELL YEAH”
my baby boy he liiiiiiiiiiiiikes you
                              and also he's a good person that helps people in need despite his hardcore appearance
I just LOVE getting asked this question. *level of sarcasm reaches Galifrey.*
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A wild Jordan has been summoned because he hears his nickname
omg i was going to wear a pastel green sweater and black skinny jeans today but it was dirty so i wore a panic! shirt
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That's so funny you must be so proud you came up with something so fûcking original