No More Good Girl

No More Good Girl

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Zondraaaa ;) By HusbandiesForever Updated Feb 27

Ashley Tate is a girl who gets the best grades in school. She never gets in trouble and she tends to be a little secluded. She only has two friends but that's all she wanted. She's not helpless; she can definitely stand up for herself. She knows how to fight, but plays innocent. 

Jake Miller is a boy who didn't give two shits about the rules and gets in trouble on a weekly basis. He has really good grades somehow and one day he finally notices Ashley.

 "Watch where you're going nerd," I heard a masculine voice say to me. I looked up and saw none other than Jake Miller glaring at me. 

"Actually you ran into me. So it should be me saying watch where YOU'RE going asshole."
I noticed that everyone was quiet and Chloe Miller, Jake's sister, pushed her way out of the crowd. She looked from me to Jake and back to me before breaking into a grin.

"What's your name?" She asked me.

"Ashley," I mumbled. She stuck her hand out towards me and I reluctantly shook it. 
                       And that was how it all started.

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Lucero1500 Lucero1500 Feb 22
U have described me well, dear author😇😱😱😱🙏🤗
jquint1 jquint1 Apr 13, 2016
But im fine now I am friends with almost everyone in my classes but im still pretty shy and quiet