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naomi By befourzustin Updated a day ago

''You're screwed up and brilliant,
you look like a million dollar man.
So why is my heart broken?''

tw; contains graphic descriptions of physical, sexual & mental abuse, violence and other dark themes.

this is not a romance story, and it touches on many serious & dark topics that can be triggering.

keyyXO keyyXO Dec 13, 2016
NIGGA FUQ that I'll take the fried chicken with mashed potatoes and macaroni😂😂
MarinaFares MarinaFares Nov 27, 2016
How 'bout you watch out for yourself and put the beer down habibi?
zaynsprada zaynsprada Dec 27, 2016
Throw the beer in his face, stuff his plate in his pants, stuff YOUR plate in his hair and flip the table over on top of him. That's all, bye.
Jemmazoellarucas02 Jemmazoellarucas02 Dec 11, 2016
Zayn I would have threw my plate on you and hope it shattered in your beautiful eyes causing blindness ;)
MaliksMonday MaliksMonday Dec 08, 2015
your writing is amazing and i love the characters (even though zayn's a dick lol) can't wait to see what's happening in this book!
MaliksMonday MaliksMonday Dec 08, 2015
i'd call him out and break his heart, then leave the restaurant with the waiter mhm