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naomi By conjecturals Completed

''You're screwed up and brilliant,
you look like a million dollar man.
So why is my heart broken?''

tw; contains graphic descriptions of physical, sexual & mental abuse, violence and other dark themes. 

this is NOT a romance or a love story (really, i can't say this enough times), and it touches on many serious & dark topics that can be triggering.

ashley5967 ashley5967 Nov 11, 2017
The fact that the name zayn was in this novel made me love it even more
zayns__chicken zayns__chicken Mar 30, 2017
Why. The. Hell. Do. I. Think. This. Is. Cute. Get a grip omg
sarcasticharry sarcasticharry Aug 25, 2017
someone needs to clean their ears out. it's affecting their hearing.
skkiin skkiin Jul 03, 2017
girl noooo don't let him do you like that, i feel so bad for her omg