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Against Her Will

Against Her Will

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#blacklivesmatter By TheTroubleMakerX Updated Apr 28


Summer Callaway. She was always the odd one out at home, an aura that was unlike the bitchy personalities of her family of public pleasing fakers.

So when her boyfriend offered her the chance to escape her pressurising parents and become free from their boundaries. She took it obviously. Months later and she has to come to terms with the idea that maybe your first love isn't your last.

Blake Morales. He was far from the "businessman" society believed him to be. Once he was a member of the notorious mafia mob - DeLuca, his family's Sicilian bloodline. 

Then he left and now, he has his own clan. A gang of fully fledged professional fighters, hackers, hit men and himself, a ruthless and mysterious killer. But no one leaves the mafia alive and the bounty on Blake's head means safe no longer exists.

Summer Callaway was not what he expected or wanted. He doesn't know yet that she will tear open his heart in many different ways, that his coldhearted demeanour will be destroyed or that his life would be changed...


*     *     *

"Everyone's fucked up, they just need someone to balance their shit out, to love them unconditionally." He murmurs, staring up at the sky.

"Like The Titanic?"

"I was thinking more Romeo and Juliet."

"They both died. You can't call that love, otherwise they would have lived for the other one." I scoff.

"It was love, they killed themselves for each other. It's kinda sweet."

"Oh," I smirk. "So you do have a heart underneath that suit of yours Morales."

"Yeah and I also have a gun."

*     *     *

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Rated PG -13 || Bad language

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Copyright © TheTroubleMakerX 2015. All rights reserved.

Cover Credit || @MyLifeAsBai

CookieX_ CookieX_ Apr 16, 2016
I did promise to check it out..and I'm not regretting. .good work
4-ever-crazy101 4-ever-crazy101 Feb 27, 2016
Just got back from the movies with family and bestfriend #luv zoolander2
EmbersAndCoals EmbersAndCoals Jul 15, 2016
You personality shines when you write and the story hasn't even started yet.  I like that. ☺
-Hoemophobic- -Hoemophobic- Oct 15, 2016
Tbfh Barbra Palvin is gorgeous without makeup and is a goddess with makeup and I'm here looking like a MF potatoe like why???!?!!
breadcrusts breadcrusts Dec 14, 2015
Omg that quote is in one of my books, I have never even heard it before 😂
breadcrusts breadcrusts Dec 14, 2015
Lol, don't forget no hate comments, unless you want them 😂