Other One [Editing]

Other One [Editing]

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slxxxyer akashi By jdmuchiha_ Updated Aug 05, 2016

Misaki is the complete opposite of Sakura. While her twin cares about her looks and Sasuke she trains and studies. At the age 4 she left to go train with the Slug Queen Tsunade. After 8 years she's back what will happen when she's reunited with her sister and meets the Rookies?

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【First Story】

Haido_Hyuga Haido_Hyuga Jul 03
Yeah she's become strong on her ego almost as big as sasukes
So basically everyone on team 7 except their sensei and Oreo-pedo
😂😂😂 Lets all just use thIs moment to degrade Sakura. Misaki, you'd be surprised how wrong you are
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Apr 25
-depressing music mixed with a blue background and lots of sweatdrops- 
                              Hear that? See that? That's what the outcome will be when you realize your sister is still after Sasu
Maybe if she spent her time training other than fangirling, yeah :~{
LunaKurame LunaKurame Oct 30, 2016
Shes going to be lied to. She aint strong just......