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Awks. ✓

Awks. ✓

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りとぁな By High0nSkittles Completed

"*Sobs* I'm so happy to have a character that's exactly like me." - @TakenUsernameSoz.
"This Marianne character is so relatable, honestly she is just me." - @MissNeonBot.
"This story is so normal that it's unique; a breath of fresh air! Gives us normal girls hope, hi hi!" - @LocalSlayer 
"This book is seriously my inspiration to not be afraid to show who I am." - @Who_Says_Duh
Let's face it, none of those cliché situations from movies between a guy and a girl ever happen in real life. I'm not going to end up accidentally bumping into my future husband in a café, spilling a latte over him. I'm not going to go up to some random stranger and ask him for directions and he'll become mesmerised by the colour of my eyes and fall in love with me. The window of my bedroom doesn't happen to be situated opposite to that of a 'bad boy neighbour'.
I was daydreaming, again. Something I do on a daily basis. Nothing different, right? Well, let's just say I didn't snap out of my little 'trance' until I saw a guy waving frantically at me, smiling.
Oh shit, he's hot. He probably thinks I was checking him out.
Great, now he's coming over.
Kill me.
• Cover by: @scarza2 ♡
• Highest ranking: #3 in Humour (03/09/2016). I'm not American and I spell it with a 'u', sue me..

It's easier for me when I use this thin brush thingy .. yeah the eyeliner brush it self is useless for me (:
Me, I hate crossing roads because it feels like Crossy road irl
Me too. I've done every method in the book and no luck... I'm done with try liner, because it's too hard to try
I would have just said no, shaking my head requires too much movement
They probably thought "Hey, you look slightly more like a cat now" and I bet it took some time kitten used to it
PanicAtTheNovel PanicAtTheNovel 3 days ago
Bro out of all my marvel buddies Spider-Man's not my favorite but I'm not just gonna choke myself