My Roommate Is  A Jerk...

My Roommate Is A Jerk...

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Sarah By Sarahhipo Updated Mar 12, 2016

"open the fucking door Hunter!!"

"Why? Need to use the bathroom?"

"YESS! Now open the freaking door!!"

He opened the door with a smirk on his face "All yours" and the he left.

I swear living with him is going to be hard but sadly there isn't any other dorms available to change so here I am stuck with a selfish man whore.


Angela Carlson had to move to a new town with her parents because her dad got a new job. Leaving the town she lived her whole life behind she moved to London, where she will be living in a dorm and having a jerk of a roommate. Living with Angela is the no other than Hunter Dudley , a player and an arrogant jerk. But as time goes by they seem to get closer....

allydwubs_ allydwubs_ Jul 12, 2016
Potato and now cucumber omg she needs some help with her comebacks
Child-Of-Space Child-Of-Space Oct 09, 2016
stop calling them stupid names and get some maturity for godlike
unicorn_ninja20 unicorn_ninja20 May 05, 2016
That's my casual clothes 
                              Except I have track pants and my favorite cowgirl kind of shirt with my hair in as messy bun
justyzane justyzane Aug 08, 2016
How did she even get in this college?!?! She's acting like she's 3!!
- - Oct 11, 2016
What the hell??? She's standing in front of freaking Greek gods if I was her I would be shy af and nearly say a word. She should be embarrassed! 😂
rodolfoclarke rodolfoclarke May 28, 2016
Lol me every morning till my mom comes and pulls- yanks me by my ear