I Left For A Reason Wally | COMPLETE

I Left For A Reason Wally | COMPLETE

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Lauryn By Skycrystal23 Completed

2nd place winner of one of the DC comics Watty Awards in the Artemis Crock category. 

When Artemis is undercover as Tigress she found out she was pregnant. But when Ra's Al Ghul found out who she was and that she was pregnant. Her dad luckily made a deal with Ra's so that Artemis was a hands off but not her children. She was forced to flee leaving her life behind and starting a new one. That included a life with Wally West her first and only love. But when she's walking around Central City with her children there's a commotion and Wally in his uniform found Artemis. 

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SmolBeanNightWing SmolBeanNightWing Dec 30, 2016
Kaldur: "I have bad news, your being a hold in to the world." 
                              Me: BOI 👏🏻
DarkPercy_Trash DarkPercy_Trash Sep 13, 2016
Oh. Can you imagine Wally being torn up inside, wanting to see if she is okay, but not being able to because it could result in her death or she could get hurt really bad?