Adommy OneShots/Smut

Adommy OneShots/Smut

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Princess Exum By princessp9 Updated Jul 12

Welcome to the fanfiction of Adommy Joel LambLiff our world of Wattpad!
  This book is full of various different ideas of Adommy content that we come up with. This book is updated at random, so do not worry if you're not seeing any new updates for a while month. *That means we're secretly writing more Adommy content.*
  If you have any requests to write anything in particular, feel free to ask us, and we will do the best we can.

  The authors of this book do not own all characters, they are only used as a portrayal of understanding and entertainment. All ideas are originally from the owners of this book, unless stated otherwise. Violaters who use and distribute such content, as a part or a whole, without credit or a dedication to one or both of the authors will be reported.

  Some or most scenes in this book contain or imply sexual regards, homosexual and/ heterosexual intercourse, mature language, and sexual behaviors and interactions. Please read at your own risk.

  If you do not wish to read any content containing homosexual people involved in such, please, for read another story that suits you. We are allies/part of the LGBT+ Community, and we wish to keep the negativity out of our way.

  Ending on a positive note, we would like you to enjoy this book, as a gratitude of our love for Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff.

~ Princess Exum, also know as Princessauh Exumauh

Haha, that's so cute. I love it, I'm in tears right now, high five! 🙋 lol
Mrs_Gauti Mrs_Gauti Jul 09, 2016
Oh my gosh. I just finished reading this chapter coz I wanted to start from the begging. Oh my glitter, I'm in love w it! It's my fave! Can't wait to read the next one, but it's too late. So.. But OMG, can't wait until tomorrow.