Dinner (GxG)

Dinner (GxG)

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Alpha-Bear By Alpha-Bear Updated Jan 02, 2017

Frankie is a vampire who finds out her mate is her dinner. Furious that a mere human is her mate she resists the bond between them.
But how long will she lasts?

Mate (Dinner's sequel)
Now that Frankie has accepted her mate, will she soften her heart, or will she turn her mate's heart colder?

Thirst (Mate's sequel)
The two elves are in for some serious punishment. And what happens when the mansion has been targeted?
*slow updates*


- Lesbian

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00crossfire 00crossfire Oct 14, 2016
Intentions seems to be a ripoff cuz you can just read their mind to find their intentions xD
KevinXValentine KevinXValentine Jan 26, 2016
First paragraph, ending sentence - "Best parting gift I could think of. Sex."
                              Instead of a period after the word "of", use a colon.
                              I love how straight-to-the-point your narrator speaks. It gives a very, very strong flow and good imagery.