Forced into Marriage

Forced into Marriage

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Wunder By yeezysbitch Updated Jul 19

A women forced to put her differences aside to save her loved ones.

A man who is possessive and obsessed forced to blackmail the one he loves.

Not the best description but give my book a try!

Hell, what reason would you have to actually let him into your house?
omg are you serious?!?!! aaaahhhhh im frickin grinning like an idiot!! :D
Cybull02 Cybull02 May 01
So far I'm liking where you're going with this story. Liking the characters already.
ppetals ppetals Jul 29
This really has to be a bad joke. Or something amongst those lines.
If i was Nari, i would say like.. "Thats it Mr. Mahfud? Just a peck? A PECK? Im your future wife! We should be doing more than that! At least a makeout session......." LOL
The part where its says"anda" I can't help but hear mario. "Anda he a lookin at de table while de mamma hasa her han over hera eyez". Love the story so far