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When I had her... Markiplier x Depressed! Reader (Discontinued)

When I had her... Markiplier x Depressed! Reader (Discontinued)

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(〃ω〃) Space Kiddo By HellaGayHomoSapien Completed

Just a warning: This story includes depictions of depression, self-harm, attempted suicide, and medication abuse. If you're sensitive to those topics, please don't read this. If you chose to, then please be warned about that..

(Full Name) was a rather new Youtuber. She called herself.. (YouTube Username). Her channel was small, but growing slowly. She had around two thousand fans, or (fanbase name) as she liked to call them. After graduating college with a major in media arts and a minor in (field), she moved from her hometown of (town), to California. Little did she know, this move would change her life... For the better, or for the worse? She didn't know... But she would find out...

This is weird ... Liam is my ex that forced me into a relationship with him so he wouldn't tell anyone about something... I'm really weirded out rn o_o and he try rape me ??!? NO HUNNY NO
AbbeyDrain AbbeyDrain Mar 17
"The representative from California has the floor" not from that song but it's my favorite green day quotes
So wait, you can plug headphones into Jack? Is he like a plug or something?
My dad's name is Jeff...I haven't seen him 8 years but it still counts for having the J right?😂😂
I knew a Laim
                              He was an *SSHOLE BOYTOY B*ITCH*SS MOTHERF*CKER 
                              Pardon my language.
Ya know it's illegal to wear headphones while driving right lol