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Madeline By writerbug44 Completed

Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel

Charlotte Brikers has her life planned out for her via her mother and her nagging sister. She's going to take over her mother's fashion company when she graduates college, despite Charlie's hatred of the industry, she has no choice. Needless to say, she isn't happy with her life, and she just wants to get out.
She gets her chance at escape when she's locking up at the local cafe where she works when Thomas Jackals runs into the store, running from the cops. Charlie grows a soft spot for him almost immediately, despite his dangerous past. Helping this fugitive suddenly turns into a road trip for two across the country, running from the cops and the past.

Crementa Crementa 2 days ago
Some men enjoy getting kicked where the sun doesn't shine 
                              so.. 😂
Gainesville, Texas 👌👏🤗 (and in pretty sure nobody knows where that is😂)
Briiiah Briiiah Jun 20
That moment when you realize the cats from aristocats are more rich and famous than you'll ever be. 😂😭😭
Most of the commenters are 11 year olds who don't want to be like the other girls. Can't wait till they see their comments in a few years or so :)
animegamer1 animegamer1 Apr 04
I really love this book because this is my dream but when I tell my mom she calls me stupid or tares the whole thing down. I want to travel. First two are Paris and Japan
o-l-i-v-e o-l-i-v-e Apr 14
i'm wearing jeans and a hoodie at this precise moment in time with my hair in a ponytail and i love it