In Another Life (Dan and Phil X Reader)

In Another Life (Dan and Phil X Reader)

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You've lived most of your teenagerhood as a major fan of Dan and Phil, and a proud member of the Phandom (shipping them or not, your choice.) You wake up one day to find yourself seemingly inserted into Dan's life as his best friend, and the next day inserted into Phil's life. You alternate being your two favorite YouTubers' best friend. 

Finally, you notice that Dan and Phil are notably absent from each other's lives: they've never met. You're torn between wanting to bring the two YouTubers together to create the amazing Phandom, but you also want to continue spending your life with them. And on top of that, you only have room for one life- Dan or Phil?

Note: Please read the whole story! It won't make sense if you skip chapters.

Liv4Writing Liv4Writing Aug 03
Oh wow, people actually like this story! Okay. Cool. Next update coming soon~
That is literally my mom. She doesn't understand the struggle fangirls have...
Kawaii_Tokyo_Phan Kawaii_Tokyo_Phan 2 days ago
I'm listening to happy little pill by troye sivan right now and it goes so well with this chapter oml
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Wait, is there not Kraft Mac and Cheese in Britain?! Noooooo I have faaaaiiiled. Whyyyyyy
C-Can I pleaseeeee make a joke about this? It's my opportunity! SORRY HEH.. "Don't cry, KRAFT!" Don't worry, I'm not really one of those fans who spam that everywhere.. Just saw my opportunity..
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My mom always asks why I can't be a normal kid. So does everyone on my bus.