I love you, not her (SasuNaru)

I love you, not her (SasuNaru)

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Ugly potato By BrokenSoul14 Updated Sep 06, 2017

Sasuke and Naruto have been best friend's since they were really young, and still are, but then Sasuke started dating Sakura which meant that they both don't really hang because Sasuke is always with Her. But they both have feelings for each other but they don't know yet :3

Will they eventually become lovers? or stay the way they are as 'Best friends'
Read and find out cx

Sasuke is 19 and Naruto is 18

Itachi is 24 and Kyu is 23

Hope you like it :3 and please read!~

Actually since i'm not good at the description, probably the story may be better.....don't know you decide 

This story might contain Yaoi 

Slight of SasuSaku and NaruHina, but don't worry its a SasuNaru story :D

ENJOY!! :1

Also, the Naruto characters I'm gonna be using aren't gonna be themselves, im giving them different personalities

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Can I just say, since the first time I saw the first Naruto intro and Sauske helped him out of the water, I’ve shipped Sasunaru, and when Itachi made Sauske the eggs with the Uzumaki and Uchiha clan symbols I was SO HAPPY
I like that name for Sai... Sai you have been renamed Fuckboi
trashyrohi trashyrohi Oct 08, 2017
I want Itachi to tell me,
                              "Oh really? Then..." Seductive pause... "Call me Daddy, you can be my bitch."
Ewwwww!! *cringe x100* like... ewww no! But if it turns I to SasuNaru, I can endure!
Esdeath-X-21 Esdeath-X-21 Nov 01, 2017
If I was sasuke and Sakura was with me in the car, I would've crashed that mothafucka into a pole or some shizz because BITCH you buggin!
AVeryStupidPerson19 AVeryStupidPerson19 Dec 09, 2017
Didn't you call him cuz he's late ? And you weren't ready yet?? Hmmmmm sounds veryyyy interesting ....