Fontcest One-shots (and others)

Fontcest One-shots (and others)

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Melon By Melonbread96 Updated Jul 28, 2016

What's Fontcest? 

It's a Undertale ship between Papyrus and Sans.

What? They're brothers?

Yeah I know, but they're fictional skeletons in a video game. No kink shaming please. We all have weird kinks like "Daddy kink". Please don't come here just to send hate. 

I'm warning people before they even look inside. If it's not for you then turn around. 

Warning: BoyxBoy, Skeleton Incest (lol), Smut, and Swearing.

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Inkysakura Inkysakura Sep 06, 2016
I'm very surprised I haven't been kink shamed yet.... Ur a nice author
CrazehKatieh CrazehKatieh Aug 24, 2016
I bet someone still ignores the warnings and goes on hating anyway.
TheWeakGirl TheWeakGirl Jun 14, 2016
                              I mean happy ;) Incest is not that uncommon ya know~ 
                              I mean there's incest in the bible too right? O_o
cattheneko cattheneko Jan 15
I have a question: if we want to request a ship, would that be okay? I'm just curious ^w^
HeroAngel98 HeroAngel98 Apr 12, 2016
Idk enough about the fandom to post yet. I'm workin on it doh. HNNNNNNNNNN! <--- the sound of me dying at the thought of all the smut my brain can dish. It's actually quite scary. Sorry if that didnt make any sense Lel.