DISORDER [Vkook Story]

DISORDER [Vkook Story]

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Jisoos-Christ By Jisoos-Christ Updated Feb 17

Having depression isn't easy

But having an Eating Disorder along with depression made it harder to cope.

"Don't stare, I'm probably a waste of your time anyways."

~ Jeon Jungkook

Im_YoonGAY Im_YoonGAY Feb 27
But you'd be dead. You can't thank them if you're dead, mate
-molesterkook -molesterkook Dec 13, 2016
not for long now sugababeh and appajoonie, cuz eomma jin is on his way here- and hes bring his pink sandal
-molesterkook -molesterkook Dec 13, 2016
o look i nefer knew HOT (lenny) beverages talk...mum y did u lie to me
-molesterkook -molesterkook Dec 13, 2016
*is in tht crowd* *is a midget so cant see me* *tries jumping whilst flaying arms in there air* #sadlife
-molesterkook -molesterkook Dec 13, 2016
and o look sir junggull, the suga came for the tae, and dance monster for entertainment.
                              DONT: drink ur tae (lenny) sugafree
                              DONT: turn suga into salt
                              DONT: share ur tae, which is in a CUP,  wid da dance monster, or itll malfunction and turn into the "god of destruction 2.0"
Fenster568 Fenster568 Dec 19, 2016
Why can't I look *ugly for once (is what should be written) XD (sry I know that wasn't funny nor interesting)