DISORDER [Vkook Story]

DISORDER [Vkook Story]

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Jisoos-Christ By Jisoos-Christ Updated Jun 29

Having depression isn't easy

But having an Eating Disorder along with depression made it harder to cope.

"Don't stare, I'm probably a waste of your time anyways."

~ Jeon Jungkook

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Me when when my mom says that that I have scool starting again in 2 weeks
Me in pre-algebra today: “...I have a pass... you know cause the bell rang and I wasn’t here.” 
                              My teacher: “oh, you’re one of those good kids.”
I was mute for an week and the teachers still tried to call on me I was thinking 'bitch tf am I supposed to do in the situation' so I just stared at them until they were freaked out and called on someone else.
SugarPinky SugarPinky Jun 13
lol okay but if a random person did this to me I'd be hella annoyed but pretend that it's okay because I'm a shy human being
lololololoz lololololoz Oct 22
Ohhh it would be.....very unfortunate if..... he were to accidentally fell off a cliff (Mahhahahha 🙃)
lololololoz lololololoz Oct 22
He saves his voice for the bedroom if u know what I mean 😏 😂