A Dragoneer's Silver Lining

A Dragoneer's Silver Lining

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M. N. Leuca By MNLeuca Completed

Scott Pengadorn was the laughing stock in the Society of Dragoneers. If he thought his name was bad enough, his Dragon was the cherry on top.

He might as well be the first reject ever in the only Society of Dragoneers but that won’t stop him from being one; the Dragoneer his kingdom doesn’t want, but the kind his kingdom needs.


“…Straight from the word go I knew this was going to be really good, you’ve taken the idea of dragons and truly made it your own! Incredible” 
–CharlotteNFraser, Wattpad Author 

“…I loved this a lot! The ideas you have, combined with the description you use really helps to build an image for the reader. For me personally the balance of description and dialogue is perfect, and the story flows really nicely!”
 –Dementorskissed, Wattpad Reader

“Your writing is very descriptive and filled with imagery. The concept is engaging too. Can’t wait to read more!” 
–Next_JK_Rowling, Wattpad Author

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MasterOfCritics2 MasterOfCritics2 Nov 05, 2016
Trailer 😍😍😍
                              That moment when you see scenes of games you've been stuck for ages
Morpheus_Daughter Morpheus_Daughter Aug 30, 2014
I haven't even started reading yet but I just get know this story will be awesome heck the trailer alone got me hooked in
Fiorei Fiorei Jul 30, 2014
Should this be "seatmates' backrests" or "seatmate's backrest"?
Fiorei Fiorei Jul 30, 2014
Should this be "the chances of a dragon egg hatching rise at around mid-summer" or "the highest chance of a dragon egg hatching is at around mid-summer" or something? The way that part is written sounds off to me.
JessicaBFry JessicaBFry Mar 12, 2014
The exam made me chuckle the most. It was quite thorough. Poor kid. I can only imagine how he must feel. I also like the concepts that you're working with here. The training aspect should make this intriguing, and I can't wait to see what happens with the MC.
JessicaBFry JessicaBFry Mar 12, 2014
Nice introduction. And of course that's the dragon I think of. It's my favorite. ;)