Just A Game (AU)

Just A Game (AU)

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Maddie By LarryZiamPhanGirl Completed

Team Crafted and friends decide to play some truth or dare. Things happen... Feelings are discovered, hearts are shattered, memories are created..

But none of it matters.

After all, it's just a game..

(Team Crafted, the Pack and extras)

LovesRoss LovesRoss Feb 11
I'm as straight as my f*cking tits baby. I'm bi and I'm proud. More on the gay side though I gotta say.
MizukaTheSilent MizukaTheSilent Nov 21, 2016
Am 5'4 here save meh. But I'm younger so I guess it's okay..? ;-;
Coolcat89902 Coolcat89902 Dec 20, 2016
This is indeed cannon the magestic butter king said it himself
Coolcat89902 Coolcat89902 Dec 20, 2016
Don't worry you don't have to be, your pan sweetheart not straight. Well actually straight as a circle
"I'm as straight as a line"
                              "You mean a swirly line"
                              *smiles proudly*
I'm short but taller then my older sister but what's bad is that I'm taller the my mom and uncle