Human!Bill Cipher X Reader - Mine Since Always

Human!Bill Cipher X Reader - Mine Since Always

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George-Anna Gordon - previously Kakashilover83 By Neon-Sun Completed

Just a little Bill Cipher to blow your mind. It's likely to suck, and I'm trying to keep him in character but its hard when all you wanna do is make him chuck flowers and love at your face before making out.


You were born, raised and stalked in Gravity Falls your whole life. You never knew it, but Bill had found interest in you. You were lucky, and I mean lucky, and nobody in Gravity Falls ever seems to be lucky.

In fact, you'd never seen or even been aware of anything paranormal in your hometown at all.

You were like Bill's own little puzzel, and he was going to keep you that way.

I have future dreams! Sometimes What happens in my dreams happens like 2years later in the real world tho. But they all happen
Zoe131103 Zoe131103 May 22
Wow. I'm amazed! This writing is incredible! Good grammar, beautiful language and pace. Very nice
SkyMiles SkyMiles Jun 22
Okay, so what about a deal with a fancy genie dorito instead?
Fancy Doritos ayeee..... Hmmmm this gives me an idea! Time to dress up my Doritos! No need for technology anymore. JUST KIDDING how am I going to read this with out it!
LynxCrazyOtaku LynxCrazyOtaku Dec 04, 2016
I have those sometimes, where I'll dream about something random and it shows up the next week, but its more like a... Outcome... Sometimes it happens and others it doesn't.... I'm crazy aren't I?
Okay I wont make deals with doritos, but that won't stop me from making deals with the human version of a dorito