We Lost Control | Book 2

We Lost Control | Book 2

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COMPLETED || Sequel to Lose Control

Jessica and Talon thought that their life was finally under control. They've been in college for a year, Talon is graduating soon and Jessica is about to start her sophomore year. Everything was perfect. They even moved into an apartment together and Talon proposed!

But what happens when the past they thought they'd never see again comes back? Or more like breaks out. The same day that was suppose to be a very happy day for the couple, is the same day that they find out that the crazy Jordan Mathews breaks out of jail.

Now Talon is determined to take him down once and for all now that he's part of the law, but he's not sure what to do when he finds him. . beat him senseless or turn him in. And then their's Jessica, she's frighten by both the thought of what Talon might do to lose his job he's worked so hard for and what Jordan might do to him.

This is how Jessica and Talon go through the 'ups and downs' of their relationship and how they try to over come everything life throws in their way.

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TwentyOneBeebhoes TwentyOneBeebhoes Sep 13, 2015
TwentyOneBeebhoes TwentyOneBeebhoes Sep 13, 2015
Collect all dem raindrops Cali needs all the water they can get
Tinee8pi Tinee8pi Jul 08, 2015
Anyone notice that she's been engaged for a week and still hasn't told her parents yet?
adolessent adolessent Jul 15, 2013
This is the second book, eh? Well, I'll have to go back and read the first book! It's lovely, and your flow is amazing! Also, the grammar and spelling is great!
Author-in-progress Author-in-progress May 14, 2013
Amazing chapter:) love love love it.... please update soon:)
iluvhutcherson iluvhutcherson May 13, 2013
I fell in love with the first book and I just fell in love with the second. I love this story so much. The plot is great and I love how their relationship is so strong. Please update soon!!!!