A Hidden Princess (Book #2 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

A Hidden Princess (Book #2 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

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Tessa Thompson By TessaT Updated Nov 10

Darkness falls over the Kingdom with the death of their future Queen. Prince Caden see's no reason. All who sent his love to her death are tortured. No one is able to rein him in. Not even his father, the King. 

No one, but a voice on the radio. A single voice which gives him hope. The possibility of a fresh start. One he will cherish for the rest of his life if given the opportunity. 

Past mistakes always have a way of repeating themselves. All the new hope he holds close to his heart is on the brink of falling, dragging him down into the deepest darkest place in his mind. It's all decided one single night. One night which could wipe out a whole Kingdom in the blink of an eye.

Book #2 Of A Royal Secret Trilogy. Read A Servant for a Mate before this one.

Yeah. I like my head to be missed with. . That sounded weird. Your books keep me guessing.
bookporn88 bookporn88 5 days ago
Of course! Anyone who doesn't continue ue to read is a idiot
Hated the end of book one but understand things sometimes happen for a reason
bookporn88 bookporn88 5 days ago
It was sad but I have faith in you! You will do right by us.
Write the books for yourself, not the votes and reads. They are your trees, plant them! If ppl don't like fruit, let them eat veggies. XD
Those who aren't reading this don't know what they're missing out on. But you can't please everyone. Your writing is worth every single read you get and as long as you have faith in yourself it will continue to be worth it.