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Who is my Prince?

Who is my Prince?

15.3K Reads 966 Votes 15 Part Story
Kagamine_Rin By Rin661 Completed

Rin was a 8-year-old blind girl but there was a boy who keeps coming over and play with her. Rin soon fell in love with the boy. But after a while, he didn't come anymore. 6 years later, Rin's eyes became better and she is now on the search for her first love.

xxxhappixxx xxxhappixxx Nov 22, 2016
So they have to go to school  I don't get it what do you mean
BrokenMirror14 BrokenMirror14 Jun 12, 2016
Wow, your story is interesting. I like len more but rin is okay i guess.. anyway, i hope you will write more new book (about the twins of course) i will read it happily! Hope you sucsess always :)
TheUnusualGirl02 TheUnusualGirl02 May 12, 2016
I'll 7:20 no skop u skreb.
                              Joke I hate dank memes but I just couldn't help myself.
                              Also I'm liking this book so far! :D
Shouldnt she say, "nice to SEEU too"? trash, im so sorry
MatureAngel MatureAngel Dec 12, 2016
Nep it wasnt boring. Im actually wondering Lens reaction of Rin. I mean. 5 yers without her
XxYume_the_dreamerxX XxYume_the_dreamerxX Oct 26, 2016
I get this weird vibe that this story is based on the songs "The magic mirror" & "The mirror's magic" by Rin and Len