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Meant to Bee (Tyler JosephxBarry Bee)

Meant to Bee (Tyler JosephxBarry Bee)

16.7K Reads 1K Votes 12 Part Story
.::.:::Rose::.:.. By rosefiction Completed

Everything was going great for singer Tyler Joseph, until unexpected love tumbled-or buzzed-into his  life, and in the form of a handsome blue-eyed bee. His world collapses around him as his Beeterophobic best friend Josh Dun turns his back on him, and he is forced to chose between his beloved wife, or the bee that has stolen his heart.  And what happens when a few other bands intervene? Are Tyler and Barry truly meant to be, or will their love wither like un-pollinated flower?

universallyblue universallyblue 3 days ago
Tyler: all my friends are heathens
                              Tyler: -sees this fic-
                              Tyler: tAKE IT SLOW
A smooth voice chimed in with a haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door
'mum... dad... i have something to tell you. i... i-i'm beeterosexual!!'
universallyblue universallyblue 3 days ago
if this turns into 'she wants the b' i will jump off a building istg
for some reason my mind skipped over some of the words so i read " Hey Tyler :-) just thought u should know I'm coming 2nite! Buzz buzz!!! Lol!!!"