Is He Obsessed? (A twisted Andy Biersack love story)

Is He Obsessed? (A twisted Andy Biersack love story)

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Bella is your 16 year old emo girl
She loves her life
But what happens when she discovers that her idol, Andy Biersack is obsessed with her and has some serious mental issues?
Will she allow him in her life?
Will she push him away?
Or will her world crumble into pieces?

Read to find out!

Contains mature content, read at your own risk!

"Andy take me home!" I yelled out of annoyance because he wasn't listening to me and he continued to glare into my eyes.

"Andy's gone" He said and smirked at me, the only thing that was going through my head at that moment was, FUCKING RUN


I cringed when her mom said 'awesome' but then I was like "TACOOOOOS!"
"Hey, I'm a creep"- Andy Biersack. If anybody got that reference, I'll follow you!
JoshieRios JoshieRios 3 days ago
I honestly love Andy as a brother, not a lover or anything, but I can tell this book is going to be good
RaylahM RaylahM Oct 12
I called it ... No one picked up sooooo it might not be real ....
RaylahM RaylahM Oct 12
@JeffreeStar69 no it's not I would totally do that ... I'm a FÜÇKING psychopath !!!
i wanted to read the sequel but i realized that i didn't read this one yet so ig i'll do that now ^.^