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I'm OK (Naruto Fanfic)

I'm OK (Naruto Fanfic)

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Exo By Suzuki_Haruki Updated Dec 08, 2015

Sakura Haruno. 

The once weak girl you thought she was is no more.

Living as a new person she decided to train when she was very little.

Fighting to survive from her parent's that beat her at home for every little thing.

Studying she became a genin at age 4.

The Hokage saw how her parents beat her but never did anything to help her, only seeing her train and becoming stronger.

Soon enough at age 5, she promoted to Chunin.

Only for her to have hatred enter her heart for her parents.

Afraid of this the Hokage put her in ANBU at the age of 6, fearing that she might leave the village and turn against them.

But little did they know what was coming for the little blossom.

*Picture's are NOT mine*

*I don't own Naruto*

MissyCrow MissyCrow May 14
Oh shoot! This over power girl is going on o kick your butt!
Now I'm imagining a baby Sakura running around with a kunai, giggling as grown men run away from her.
♠HAHAHAH LOL just imagine a little toddler crashing inside the hokages window and saying words not even inside a wise man's vocabulary! ~♣
Elilin04 Elilin04 Sep 04, 2016
She shouldn't be captain even if she was the smartest and strongest ninja in the world. She's to young and will not get respect among other things