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Alice_rose By Alice_Rose7 Updated 4 days ago

An OCD for symmetry so he is bullied for it.

But what happens when the bullies take it one step further?

Something unforgetable or so Kid thinks

Especially when they find out Kids secret.

When all seems lost, with no one to be there for him...

What will Kid do?

Obssessed with being cool, but very sharp.

He notices something is wrong  with Kid.

Will he be able to help him?

This is a Yaoi (boyxboy) if you dont like it dont read.

All rights go to the reapective owners of the soul eatet characters, i only own the story line

Enjoy xx

daisy-dazed daisy-dazed Jul 11
*jumps from side to side holding up fists* oH MY -- IT LOOKS LIKE I GOTTA FIGHT YOU
daisy-dazed daisy-dazed Jul 11
"I trudge up the billion stairs" wheezing and gripping my chest where my heart lie under my ribcage, wondering if this is the moment i die
Alice_Rose7 Alice_Rose7 Dec 07, 2015
Dont worry ive already started the 3rd chapter (please dont hate me) xxx glad you stopped i helped a friend who did aswell :)
Alice_Rose7 Alice_Rose7 Dec 06, 2015
Awww thanks so much i will try to update as much as i can!!!😋