Bowled Over By The Broken

Bowled Over By The Broken

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Sa :) By HopesPrayersNSmiles Updated Jan 12

No matter how close you are to them, there are certain things you just don't say.

No matter how lonely you feel, there are certain people you just don't befriend. 

No matter how much you've fallen, there's always a guy you shouldn't give your heart to...

Sadly for me, I learnt the last one only after I had gotten my heart broken. 

They say that you shouldn't look down upon anyone, or you will be put in their situation and made to experience the crisis. When I was fourteen, I had rolled my eyes at a girl who was sobbing histerically over a guy who liked her best friend. And I was probably paying the price for that now. 

However, I was trying my best to fit my feet in the shoes I had been given. I was trying and I was managing just fine. What I didn't need was a trouble maker who entered my life without permission. 

The guy who claimed to be bowled over by me, the one with a broken heart. 

Little did he know, I had entrusted myself to Al Malik, The Owner of me and my heart. And if he had to reach me, he had to do so by pleasing Allah.

Which wasn't possible for a guy like him.

Or so I thought.

Aylaa27 Aylaa27 May 21, 2016
Mashallah beautiful description . Absolutely loved it .. ☺
rabeeah_u rabeeah_u Oct 13, 2016
Yeah I will  try and read it and I will post my comment on it insha Allah. Keep it up 😊👌
msLordOfTheRingsxoxo msLordOfTheRingsxoxo Feb 08, 2016
Ohhh this sounds interesting! Can't wait to see how this story goes! :)
juwi14 juwi14 Mar 19, 2016
Oh my gosh ! I never thought this before! Paying the price for looking down on someone !
Zainishra Zainishra Feb 16, 2016
can't wait to explore bee's life!!! ( does that sound nosy?? ;)   )
Forever_Hijabi Forever_Hijabi a day ago
Anabya with a broken heart because of that guy Fadil!😠😠💔💔