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The Fading Angel

The Fading Angel

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Chocolate By minikitteykat Completed

After years of aiding the Olympians. Perseus is repaid with betrayal. 
They simply throw him away. Zeus placed him as guardian of the hunters. In hopes of his death.


A great unknown evil took over Zeus.  Giving Percy no mercy. Zeus sent Percy down to Tartarus. Where the young hero was brutally tormented for millennium.

After another several millennium. Percy was rescued by the lord of the pit. And later on adopted as the son of Gaea and lord Tartarus. Taking up a deadly tittle as Prince of the pit.

Having lost him loyalty. Percy's become known as heartless, Stoic. A horrid monster who was only loyal to his parents. He gave no mercy to his enemies. None. 

Soon not long after. Percy created Dragons, and became their king. Having them find mates in order to not suffer from heartbreak.

Soon Tartarus places him on a mission. Aid the Gods. Then destroy them. He went on to complete his mission which unknown to him. He would stumble across his soulmate.

 A human girl. 

How will this affect his mission. And how will Annabeth take the news. Once knowing. She could and will be replaced by a Human.

YumitsCandy YumitsCandy May 06
                              When this day happens is when Hades will like the color pink
And this my dear readers is why the ocean is as salty as it is
Phoebe was one of the few hunters to die... why no one make her ded!
Twee0_o Twee0_o Jul 01, 2016
Hunters don't eat meat. Artemis is also the goddess of nature and animals
shadowMage21 shadowMage21 Sep 19, 2016
I refuse to believe someone called marco is mean because Starco
v3Olympus v3Olympus Feb 21
But he said he lost everyone....That includes Thalia, right?