Ask/Dare Undertale!!!!!

Ask/Dare Undertale!!!!!

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The Uncle Klunk Abomination By SpookyScarySkelebro Completed

*Cover by Pinnapop on Deviantart! :3

Hello! I finally made an ask/Dare Undertale book. :3 
You can ask:

Flowey (XD because why not)/Asriel
*:3:* W.D. Gaster

Sans, how do you feel about people shipping you and chara, or papyrus and Mettaton, and do U ship papyrus and spaghetti? It would make sense
Every Boy in Undertale: My OC Chloe(human) likes all of you ( not Mettaton ) but here's one thing Asriel/flowey has a good advantage... If there was 1 Monster who would she like :) You decide)))
I dare Underfell Papyrus to be nice to Underfell Sans for a whole day!
VibrantLass VibrantLass Aug 10
Hm... How about Chara has to socialize with other monsters without killing them! Because hey, why not??
To papyrus: where did you come up with your great "Nyeh heh heh" laugh?
Me:What is the purpose of this the ask blog always has their ways
                              Gatser: I agree