New Beginnings, New Trials

New Beginnings, New Trials

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wolfie169 By wolfie169 Updated Aug 30

{Sequel to My Monster of a Mate}

7 months after Sapphire first met Xander.
8 months after Chloe and Sapphire escaped Damien and his pack
10 months after Sapphire had to endure toture after toture by Damien.
10 months after Sapphire lost her family.

7 months after he met Sapphire, Xander is still trying to break the walls that Sapphire has built to protect herself.

Chloe and Jordan are slowly building their relationship as well.

Unfortunetly for the couples, it is not easy to leave the past behind.

If you keep running from something, it is only a matter of time before it catches up to you

I always knew that I could speak gibberish but this officially confirmed it.
Like me finding out that there is a sequel to my favorite story
Cocoloco2081 Cocoloco2081 Apr 23, 2016
Awwwwww that is literally SOOO adorable! I hope sapphire and Xander are happy! They are just too cute togather!
EmbraceTheCrazy EmbraceTheCrazy Feb 04, 2016
I understood that with no problem at all lol. My sister talks really fast and sometimes she's talking and she keeps getting faster and her voice keeps getting higher and louder. I have to translate for her a lot lol
himeca44 himeca44 Jul 11, 2016
Kilig.... :)  means good kind  shivers cos of  romantic action.
Monstrous_beauty Monstrous_beauty Jan 15, 2016
what?? if he was no 1 in fighting he didn't avenge his mate yet?? reallly??