Gabriel X Reader

Gabriel X Reader

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Murdoch in the TARDIS By todabarricade Updated Feb 11

A collection of imagines between the Gabriel the archangel and the reader. Requests are always welcome, but no smut please!

Feel free to check out my tumblr: murdochinthetardis

Characters are from the CW show "Supernatural"

AngelicAvenger11 AngelicAvenger11 3 days ago
                              TOTALLY DIDN'T THINK IT WAS SAMMY!!
                              *thought it was sammy*
Lookmommyitsafan13 Lookmommyitsafan13 Jul 21, 2016
Well, you see I thought I was looking in a mirror so I went for the smash.
Marvelgirly Marvelgirly Feb 17, 2016
I've dine this before with many fictional girls *cough* April O'neil *cough*
cookie_munster123 cookie_munster123 Oct 13, 2016
                              PROBABALY SAID SOME SHÍT BEHIND MY BACK 
                              FCKING GARBAGE CAN
redWinter17 redWinter17 Aug 27, 2016
My name is inigo Montoya. It killed my father. It's prepared to die
Lookmommyitsafan13 Lookmommyitsafan13 Jul 21, 2016
This is me though XD
                              Me: I'm not ti-ti-ti... *falls into pie*
                              Dean: NO THE PIE!