Caffe Di Cielo {KHR Fanfiction}

Caffe Di Cielo {KHR Fanfiction}

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NeroNeko By LucasZor Updated May 30

Sawada Ieyatsu or Giotto (More with Ieyasu) and Sawada Tsunayoshi or Tsuna are brother. While Giotto is the Vongola Decimo and been love by 'their' parent, Tsuna was been hate by those bastard since he was born because he look weak and fragile and been kicked out. After that, those good-for-nothing assholes parent say to the public and their families (plus Tsuna's friends too) that he runaways.

3 years had passed but no one ever saw the little brunette again, even when the Vongola Decimo sent lots of subordinates to locate his running away brother. But eventually those bastard stops it. Only two people know where he live.

One day, Aria Giglio Nero, the ninth of Giglio Nero Family and the 2nd Sky Arcobaleno wander around the town Italy, Sicily. She then found a small cafe that owns by a young brunette and decided to visit it. She like the café a lot that she always cames that she even became regular here. But she notes that there something about the young brunette. He always seem so lifeless and gloomy, until a mysterious man in mask and cloak came and change the boy.

 This story is made by me and @HelenaVWG

Note: I am NOT the writer of this story, @HelenaVWG is the MAIN writer of this, I just publish this for her.

Tsuna is staying at the frost fairy village My husband Ash is Tsuna's brother.
Not to be that guy or anything... But I saw 'Filthy child' ad 'Filthy Frank' and I died laughing. Again, sorry. XD
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Idk how but i read 'taco grill' instead of 'Tacito Giliro' … ( ̄ー ̄)
When you try to stop the bae from killing you so you mention a friend-
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Ohohoho… ok now im just gonn- *runs to a gloomy corner and stays there for a while*
Byakuran!!!! Bring me to the anime world ... Here have this *gives a huge packet of marshmallows*