The Hybrid -Septiplier- (Book 2)

The Hybrid -Septiplier- (Book 2)

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|The sequel to He Bites| (which I do suggest reading BEFORE since it explains a lot)

Jack's life has taken a completely turn as he is now a hybrid, the only one on the planet actually. He has to train, change up his entire sheeduel, and worst of all feed. Mark, who was training him alongside with Felix, seems to be slightly more protective over him now, afraid that past events might reoccur. Felix, however, thought that the best way to train Jack was through experiencing things. This usually resulted in those two butting heads.

When rumours of a hybrid spread around the councils can't help but get a little interested in Jack, wanting to use him for their own will.

There's one question on everyone's mind. Will Jack be able to keep up with all of the change in his life, or will he not be able to bear it?

(I kind of suck at descriptions sorry)

Curiosity killed the cat, but the cat came back... However, will it always be the same cat?
Doing god knows what
                              Felix; takin a piss on a fire hydrant
1:35 ready to read, I have a concert tomorrow and this is what I'm doing to prepare
I'm just getting confused the-- who-- oh that wasn't minx after all.oh it was minx so what happend i'll rearead later. (I'm goning to reread the 2nd to last chapter of the last book to under--) nope I totally understand now!!
Im just wondering myself if jack would ever get green hair here :///
I LOVE your stories SOOO much!!!!!!!! XD I LOVE this series SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FRICKEN MUCH!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆