Wildest Dream

Wildest Dream

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tonguetiedbabe By tonguetiedbabe Updated Feb 12, 2016

Their paths were meant to cross but not to sync eternally.

She shouldn't have spared him a second glance when their eyes met across the room, but she did

He should've stayed as far away as possible when there was a chance, but he didn't.

There were warnings, head roads and stop lights. A century-old red brick wall of solid hatred built up in between them-- keeping them apart. They were never written in the stars.  They knew they wouldn't stand a chance. They saw the end as they began. They saw the means to their end. They saw it all but their love was greater-- or so they thought.

When it's the only string holding them together will that be enough? Or will this love be the first reason that shall destroy them?

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BelleFaber_ BelleFaber_ Feb 16, 2016
Same...i added it to my lib. Because of the tittle and the description..
Weewoowowooo Weewoowowooo Mar 12, 2016
Wildest dream tapos yung isa same old love taytay and sel. Besties hahahah
BiatchyMaxi BiatchyMaxi Jan 26, 2016
I read the story then read this again and now I understand what it meant and my heart is breaking. 😭😭
eikosiokto eikosiokto Jan 24, 2016
Will it have the same ending as the music video? Hahaha hope not!!!!!!
MicahArtis MicahArtis Jan 20, 2016
This has been in my library for a while, i am just so afraid to start and in the end will break my heart. .. again and again ;)
tambukikayy tambukikayy Jan 20, 2016
The synopsis tho! Urgh really caught my eye. Well, I am a fan of Taylor too and I love her Wildest dream OMV, though medyo nakakabitin ang music video still maganda pa rin.