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I met Lucas when I was eight.

He was taller, tougher-- with a light in his eyes that said he could do anything, be anything that he wanted to be. I'd instantly taken a liking to him, even when he pulled my shirt over my head, and pushed me into the puddle that contained more ice than water-- and pelted me with his glove covered fists.

I asked him if he had super powers, I remember saying it-- coughing out a bit of blood that trickled from my nose. He'd snarled at me, given me the worst sort of look, and I'd thought- aha, he does.

I thought about how I wanted to be as tough as him as I laid in my bed sick for three days after, told my mom how cool it was that his reflexes were so fast already-- even told her that I thought he was going to grow up to be a superhero.

"I wonder what kind of other super powers he has," I wondered aloud, blinked up at her from the sheets as she cleaned my face, "His eyes are scary, I bet he shoots lasers from them."

Mom hadn't agreed. She'd called him a brute and thrown out my oxford shoes, replaced my broken glasses with a sigh.  

"Stay away from wicked boys like that, Miles," she'd said, "they're trouble waiting to happen."

It was the one time that I didn't listen to my mother.


And all us fujoshis wanting to be born as boys 
                              Smh there's not much we can do about fate
God that was deep and- woah are those tears? I think those are tears. Lol jk, I'm heartless.
                              But still, that way deep af.
pft who's crying not me tf what would even make u think that
DenixDub DenixDub Aug 02
...it was all cute and fluffy and then this happens. why do I do this to myself
Pikachu_love13 Pikachu_love13 Aug 21, 2016
Why warning- when people say warning it makes it seem like bad thing- this not bad thing- this G00D thing! *nods head*
Pikachu_love13 Pikachu_love13 Aug 21, 2016
*sniffs* I here we have a child who embraces the world of kinkiness at a young age *sniffs* they grow up so fast!