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I met Lucas when I was eight.

He was taller, tougher-- with a light in his eyes that said he could do anything, be anything that he wanted to be. I'd instantly taken a liking to him, even when he pulled my shirt over my head, and pushed me into the puddle that contained more ice than water-- and pelted me with his glove covered fists.

I asked him if he had super powers, I remember saying it-- coughing out a bit of blood that trickled from my nose. He'd snarled at me, given me the worst sort of look, and I'd thought- aha, he does.

I thought about how I wanted to be as tough as him as I laid in my bed sick for three days after, told my mom how cool it was that his reflexes were so fast already-- even told her that I thought he was going to grow up to be a superhero.

"I wonder what kind of other super powers he has," I wondered aloud, blinked up at her from the sheets as she cleaned my face, "His eyes are scary, I bet he shoots lasers from them."

Mom hadn't agreed. She'd called him a brute and thrown out my oxford shoes, replaced my broken glasses with a sigh.  

"Stay away from wicked boys like that, Miles," she'd said, "they're trouble waiting to happen."

It was the one time that I didn't listen to my mother.

Frunitarian Frunitarian Jun 15
He can make you fall inlove, and d'ya know that Love is the greatest super power that anybody can have? That super power is a common one, but dangerous too. 
                              It can make anyone crazy with the few seconds they feel it…
In an attempt to take my mind off Black velvet....I read this...and now I'm screwed
Why warning- when people say warning it makes it seem like bad thing- this not bad thing- this G00D thing! *nods head*
*sniffs* I here we have a child who embraces the world of kinkiness at a young age *sniffs* they grow up so fast!
I became a potato when I was pushed out my mothers vagina...I'm more special(︶︿︶)
_hypnotic _hypnotic Nov 18
ALRIGHT OKAY time to start this train ride! Already got me hooked, the intro is so good ☺️