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julyroses By julyroses Updated May 23, 2016

"Don't take another step towards her or I will rip you apart limb by limb," Hermes snarled at the armed men.

"You are not allowed to take humans. You know this, now let her go before we come and get her ourselves."

        And with that all hell broke loose

loki-d loki-d Nov 24, 2016
Why am I thinking of Percy Jackson when I read this. Coincidence I think not
luckyjay7 luckyjay7 Jul 30, 2016
You really did not know what that sign meant. Really. REALLY. Smh
dania_sal dania_sal Aug 26, 2016
Well it looks like you're nit flying int common sense either 👍🏽
lizabeth_02 lizabeth_02 Sep 10, 2016
It's private propery idiot it not even hard to figure that out!
peoplethatiusetoknow peoplethatiusetoknow Jun 30, 2016
is she dumb i only speak english but that obviously means private property
LeaSaliques LeaSaliques Sep 30, 2016
I don't know bout u guys, but if she had to figure that out first, she'd get out of the car and try to translate it