Alpha Wilder's First Love...or Mate?

Alpha Wilder's First Love...or Mate?

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Nenerh1 By Nenerh1 Updated Dec 03, 2016

Wilder Hayes is turning 18 yrs old and is ready to find his Mate. Becoming the new Alpha of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack he is ready to lead with his Luna by his side. The problem is that he hasn't found her yet and that he is still hung up on his first love...a human girl named Liliana.

Liliana Linares and Wilder dated when she was 15 and he was 16 yrs old. Though both were young, they were in love and inseparable. That was until a year later she was sent away never to be heard from again. Devastated, Wilder tried to move on only to sleep with any girl he thought could help him forget about his true love.

Now a Senior in H.S. he is ready to grow up and start his responsibilities after graduating. Will he find his Mate then, or will he just wait to meet her eventually?

What happens when Liliana comes back? Will Wilder still have feelings for her and try to win her back, or will he concentrate on finding the Mate the Moon Goddess has for him?

Liliana never forgot about Wilder while she was away, but she had no choice. Will she tell him the truth about her departure which will definitely hurt him? She has changed after all and people like to talk and judge...

"Liliana why did you leave? I haven't been the same since you left."

"I'm sorry Wilder. I had no choice. My parents made me...after..."

"After what? Just tell me. I need to know. I still love you and want to be with you. Please, can we start over?"

"I'm sorry Wilder. I can't...there is someone else. That's why I left. We can't ever be together not again, please understand."

"Understand? I won't, you are MINE Liliana, always have been and always will be MINE. I will kill any guy that goes near you...tell me who it is." Wilder roared clenching his fists holding in the fury within him. She was his love and the thought of another male touching her not only tore him apart but made him murderous.

Holding her head high she began to say the words she thought she would never say to him  "I Liliana reject Wilder..."

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Nataliah88 Nataliah88 Aug 24, 2016
OMFG How you just gonna come back here with no explanation like who does tht??!!
Midna000 Midna000 Feb 18, 2017
Mmmmm why she left i wanna know.. but i have a dirty feeling
MissBecky0715 MissBecky0715 Aug 24, 2016
NOOO!😩😂 I went to scroll, but it kept saying 'end of story' I LOVE it!! (Just as I love all ur stories.) Can't wait for the next chapter!❤
EmilyGillett EmilyGillett Aug 24, 2016
This book sounds amazing can't wait to read more plzz write more soon
spirituallybeautiful spirituallybeautiful Aug 23, 2016
Lilianna shoikdbhave made a big entrance and be like surprise bitches
Cxstia Cxstia Nov 30, 2016
How much y'all wanna bet Lilliana was preggers and that's why she left