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Cupcake By IluvCupcakes2000 Updated Feb 17

Ylva is Katara's identical twin sister, Katara and Ylva are also Sokka's little sisters. Ylva is a water bender just like Katara, and she lived peacefully for her first 4 years, but when the fire nation raids the Southern Water Tribe, Ylva is taken. This is because she is a Water bender and has to start a new life- but 11 years later when Ylva and her siblings finally 'reunite', Katara and Sokka have just discovered the new Avatar. They are in for a nasty surprise when it is uncovered that their sister has changed, and NOT for the better in their opinion. This is the story of what happened to Ylva after she is captured and how her adventure goes  when she finally 'reunites' with her siblings again.

I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender or any of its characters. I only own my Character and any changes I make in the plot.

This is great so far!
                              Cant wait to keep reading.
                              YOU suck at writing? HA! You should see my shît storm of a book.
                              It's in "hiatus" (I'm never writing it again)
                              I'm gonna add this to m library and follow you.
                              Good work 👌🏻