Origins ➣ Stilinski [1]

Origins ➣ Stilinski [1]

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" the sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood upon the arrival of a ferocious monster that only rose from its cage hidden deep within the confines of supernatural purgatory when nature sought out to avenge the innocence souls that had been lost - its fangs will drip with the blood of its enemies as its luminous eyes shine through the darkness "

After a nearly uneventful summer, Aurora and Blade Wolfe return to Beacon Hills High for their sophomore year and at their sides are Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. But they all quickly realize that normalcy was something that they had all taken for granted, but a slight misadventure in the woods while Stiles and Scott were looking for half of a dead mutilated corpse left the latter if the two boys with a gnarly bite that sent all of their lives into a traumatic domino effect.

Scott McCall was now destined to lurk in the shadows and howl at the moon for the rest of his life; the dominos immediately start to fall. The growing threat of a legion of werewolf hunters, along with the persistent presence of a werewolf who more than likely wanted to rip all of their throats out, and the murderous Alpha responsible for Scott's curse seemed to take any chance he had to make the group's lives a living hell.

Aurora finds herself struggling with her sanity as the line between reality and folklore is dramatically blurred - and during that battle she was led directly into the arms of someone whom she'd never imagined falling for in a million years.

[season one & two]

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potato_queen1219 potato_queen1219 Jul 18, 2017
My family has eight kids...
                              Breakfast is always a challenge.
potato_queen1219 potato_queen1219 Jul 18, 2017
Blade reminds me of my younger brother but with more teeth and less drool
herondalesmiles herondalesmiles Nov 22, 2016
i can't remember if this is accurate, but i read somewhere that if you take a sip of water and swallow it while bending down, it gets rid of them fairly quickly.
herondalesmiles herondalesmiles Nov 22, 2016
i don't meant to be rude, but "upright" is supposed to be one word (again, not trying to be rude at all) 
herondalesmiles herondalesmiles Nov 22, 2016
                              REMEMBER, HE DATED CARLY & SEEMED ALL COOL BEFORE HE PULLED OUT THOSE PEE-WEE BABIES (or whatever they were called)
MinnieTamara MinnieTamara Jun 05, 2016
Blade has brown eyes...? A couple with coloured eyes can't produce a child with brown eyes. So either they are adopted or mamma has been getting around.