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❝―no one will 
love you if you're

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im-a-cannonball im-a-cannonball Oct 30, 2017
I just clicked this because I saw Melanie’s lyrics😭😂😍
yo am i the only person who doesnt like melanie like y tf would i stan a rapist smh
I-stole-Jimins-Jams I-stole-Jimins-Jams Nov 14, 2017
Yay. Melanie Martinez is now officially the main girl. I don't care who tells me no. I love Mel
AriVideos AriVideos Jan 26
Tbh, I like her songs, just not exactly her. Not being rude, I'm just stating what I think
raventale7 raventale7 Feb 09
“—No one will love you.....
                              ....if you hate food 😂
Iightpeach Iightpeach Mar 12
yo i stanned her before when she wasn't a rapist and i regret it.