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❝―no one will 
love you if you're

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-ddeokjin -ddeokjin Mar 28, 2016
ok but srsly i cover my mouth with my hand everytime i laugh or smile with an open mouth
milkystars milkystars Jan 09
that moment when you not unattractive but you aren't attractive
Ohh mrs. Potato head tell me is it true that pain is beauty ~
- - Oct 28, 2016
he's so cute but i'd creeped out of a stranger had my number
-peachyjinggles -peachyjinggles Nov 20, 2016
I literally clicked on this because of Daddy
                              frfr but non crybabies you guys should listen to her music its really good and meaningful.
                              Ill shut
_Darksailor_ _Darksailor_ Nov 02, 2016
This title reminds me of china's ghost love story called 'wall paint ' or idk I forgot