Stellar Mishief [NaLu Fanfiction]

Stellar Mishief [NaLu Fanfiction]

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👑 Rein Astraea By JeRein_14 Updated Jun 25, 2017

Stellar Mischief

  "Don't give up. Not now. There's still hope."

  "Lucy... just stop. Everyone are either unconscious or i-injured. Let's just f-face it.... F-Fiore. It won't stand a c-chance with this enormous h-heartless m-monster. I'm afraid, it's the e-end..." Her friends had lost hope but Lucy hasn't. She still believes it's not the end. And she will do everything to make her friends believe again..

  "There is still hope. And i'll prove it to all of you..."


  It was just a normal day in Fairy Tail. Natsu and Gray still having their daily fights. Erza eating her favorite strawberry cake. Elfman scolding everyone about being a MAN. Cana being wasted and drunk. Levy reading an overly thick book. And lastly, Lucy laughing by the bar while carefully keeping her big secret only to herself.

  A big secret that no one but herself, Celestial Mages and her spirits know. But it won't stay that way any longer for events will trigger that secret to be unfold.

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derpsheep derpsheep Oct 16, 2017
If they call me short they best say goodbye to their legs or crotch cause it's about to get whacked with my leg in a flying kick
derpsheep derpsheep Jul 25, 2017
At this moment is where I pinch my friends in the gut and say bïtch and laugh as they lower beneath me in pain
LilmonsterNahomi LilmonsterNahomi Jul 30, 2017
I thought he was gonna be scolding Max Because " having a broom up your ass isn't manly "
Salinanguyen1 Salinanguyen1 Jun 25, 2017
Then why not leave it somewhere below on top of the bench where the sink is,
                              So you have no problem with having to reach it!!!!
derpsheep derpsheep Jul 25, 2017
I'm not even 5 ft yet I'm just gonna go cry in the corner and pluck mushrooms cause I can't do it on the shelves
FandomFreakXx FandomFreakXx Mar 08, 2017
"Tch! Curse my height! Curse the high shelves! 
                              Mind: LEVI?! IS THAT YOU?!