Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation

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Melanie Eberheart By XxNekocoxX Completed

Nothing ever goes well with a one-sided love. Especially when your love is with the boy who likes to make fun of you with every chance he gets. Erik has been crushing on Envy for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately, Envy has only shown interest enough to make him the laughing stock of the school. Erik, however, is an expert at keeping his feelings in check, never letting on about how he felt. That's how it's always been. But, with a single slip up, everything Erik's hidden can be pulled into the open.

This is a yaoi (boyxboy) novel. Don't like? Don't read. Others, enjoy!


(P.S. This story goes to my amazing friend, Twirik. He came up with this plot and deserves all credit for it. Go give him a follow!)

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This kind of depressing stuff makes me want to read the story until I see his life in a happy ending.
                              N.O.  Y.O.U R.E.  N.O.T
How could you even like him after all of this?
                              Even his name says that he's a d!ckass/
This is me, the reading part, not the actual climbing the tree one.
Coolboi4 Coolboi4 Sep 22, 2017
(Grabs death note) You had your chance, BRO.     Now die!!!!!
- - Aug 20, 2017
Well I'm ENVIOUS of you, Envy. I never thought anyone could be as STUPID as to not have any COMMON SENSE.